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Erris Community Health Forum

The Erris Community Health Forum was developed based on the idea of Community Participation in Primary Care. This involves the participation of communities and groups who are experiencing social exclusion and poverty, as their involvement is essential to the development of Primary Health Care services. It serves to shape and develop these services based on the identified needs of the community, particularly vulnerable and marginalised groups.

The Erris Community Health Forum was established in September of 2009 and is made up of 21 voluntary members, who represent each of the parishes in the Erris area. It was initiated in 2007 by an application made by Iorras Le Cheile in partnership with the HSE to Combat Poverty Agency.

The Health Forum aims to shape health care based on the specific needs of the people in Erris. The group works in partnership with the Erris Primary Care Team and is supported by Iorras Le Cheile, the HSE and Combat Poverty Agency.

Our mission is to provide a voice for the wider community in relation to health care.
We aim to effect change through raising awareness, lobbying and campaigning on behalf of the community.

Primary Care Teams or PCTS are teams that deliver a range of primary care services that keep people well in their own communities. The Erris Primary Care Team consists of GP's & Practice Nurses, Public Health Nurses, Occupational Therapist, Physio-Therapist, Community Mental Health Nurse, Director of Nursing, Community Welfare Officer, Clerical Officer and other healthcare providers such as Home Helps and Carers.

Erris Primary Care is located at various sites throughout the Erris area; the base for public inquiries is located at Teach Ciaran in Bangor Erris. The Forum works closely with the PCT in order to empower and enable people to access local health services and supports.

Since the Forum's establishment it has undertaken many projects in the community in partnership with the Erris Primary Care Team. The Forum's work continues in 2012 and discussions have begun for work to be carried out in 2013.

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